Writing great copy for NZ enterprises since 2007

BigWords began its life as a copywriting business in Nelson, New Zealand in 2007. The specialist business communications skills and writing talent of owner and professional copywriter Fiona Cole formed the basis for providing effective marketing content and editorial for our clients tailored to their target audience.

“I had three clients back then; a local web design company, a real estate agent and a lifestyle magazine. The work was enough for me to take the plunge and go full time as a professional copywriter.”

These three clients were the beginning of BigWords’ three core services:

  1. SEO webcopy that captures relevant searches from your target market and helps convert them into inquiries or sales.
  2. Editorial services for businesses needing professionally written press releases, advertorial and ad copy.
  3. Content marketing designed to get your business message in front of your target audience, aligned with your business goals.

The business has continually evolved to meet the changes in marketing technology and the changing needs of our business clients, but the core work has remained constant: providing quality content across all media platforms to help keep our clients’ businesses in the minds of their customers.

Keeping your business in your customers’ minds: both in print and online

Content has always made the difference between forgettable advertising and something that resonates with the customer. Whilst in some ways the advertising media may seem like just packaging for the marketing message, we are also keenly aware how crucial it is to shape the content to suit the media.

BigWords is committed to staying up to date with the shifting sands of content marketing trends and technology. What has worked for decades may no longer be the way to reach your target market. On the one hand, we are wordsmiths creating text that delivers a compelling message of each client’s unique business. But at the same time we have become experts in how to write for different media – understanding and utilising the rules of engagement across a range of media platforms has been key to our success – and the success of our customers’ marketing strategies.

Copywriting as an evolutionary business

After five years of delivering great copy and mastering Search Engine Optimisation for websites and other forms of online content, BigWords began its transition into a new era of business services.

First, Social Media changed the marketing landscape: now, not only do you need to get in front of your audience; you have to get your audience to engage with you. As part of our commitment to our customers, we learned about social media marketing and how it could be used to enhance your existing marketing.

By following the social media trends and applying the principles to our own marketing, we soon discovered we had something of real value to share with other businesses: an understanding of how to use Social Media for Business. In 2013 BigWords launched a series of Social Media seminars, workshops and one-on-one training services. These have continued to be popular with business owners looking to learn how to introduce social media to their marketing strategies and use it effectively to engage with their customers.