BigWords Fiona Cole saving the world from random acts of marketing

Owner of BigWords Fiona Cole is saving the world from random acts of marketing, one business at a time. At least, that’s how she sees her role as a professional copywriter and content marketing specialist. 

“I am a writer, yes, but being a successful copywriter in marketing content is more than just knowing how to write well. You need to understand the bigger picture. Marketing is costly and unpredictable – the more you can see it in the context of a larger, overarching strategy, the more you can leverage each promotional element and platform to get better results.”

Since setting up BigWords in 2007, Fiona has built a solid reputation for understanding the key message behind what her clients’ businesses do and how to convey that message in a way that resonates with their target audience. She brings her own unique blend of insight and creativity to each project, and takes great joy from the positive feedback she gets.

“I look at each project from both the business and the customer’s perspectives to ensure the right message is delivered in the right way,” says Fiona, who strongly believes in the importance of understanding what a business’ target audience is looking for and engaging with them sincerely and openly. “It’s about building relationships as much as it is building brands. You are your brand.”

Most of BigWords’ clients come into Fiona’s world looking for webcopy. SEO webcopy has been Fiona’s specialty area of content writing ever since she started out. 

Training to empower – a new string to Fiona’s bow

As well as her content work for business clients, Fiona has developed a number of training and support packages to help build confidence in self-managing web content and social media accounts. Fiona’s ability to explain and teach the fundamentals of how their online marketing platforms can be used more effectively is something many of BigWords’ clients have found valuable.
BigWords has also collaborated with local training providers Simply Training to create several bespoke workshops and 1-1 training courses in a range of areas including business writing, social media, and cyber security in communications.
Find out about BigWords training and workshops here