Got a great product or service? Lets make some noise about it

Event marketing is a great way to make some noise when you have a great product or service. But like any marketing campaign, trade exhibits at events need to be well planned and promoted to ensure you are getting value from your investment of time and money.

BigWords has been involved in a range of different promotional events – both for our own business marketing and for our clients. We have seen some great event marketing as well as some really awful ones.

What can you do to turn your event experience around?

There are a number of reasons for a trade event to be a bust for exhibitors. Some – like the weather – are beyond your control. But there are also a whole host of things that you can control to help you achieve your chosen outcomes.

Having a big budget is no guarantee to success. The flashiest exhibit is not enough to bring you more clients; you need a plan.

What does event marketing success look like?

Imagine having a campaign that speaks directly to the needs of your ideal customer that is compelling enough to have them turning up specifically with you in mind.

Consider the value of only needing to talk about the product or service offers you want to promote, and booking a consultation with interested and motivated buyers for the following weeks right there and then – or securing a deposit for their first purchase on the spot because they were already half-sold on it before they arrived.

What would it feel like at the end of the event, knowing you have a full calendar of meetings and orders being processed even before you get home?

Even better, you’ll have a batch of new contacts who are actually looking forward to your first email to them because it will contain something they value.

Event marketing strategy packages for driving more business through trade exhibits

BigWords has developed an event marketing strategy builder for businesses wanting to generate leads and enquiries and create some noise around their trade exhibits. With our expertise to guide you, we can:

  • Create a three-stage strategy around your event marketing goals that will have people making a bee-line to your exhibit
  • Give your stand focus and purpose that generates enquiries
  • Provide a clear course of action after the event

 Enquire about out event marketing strategy builder and receive a free event checklist

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