Fiona’s five tips to help you win with The Breeze Dunedin ‘Shop Local’ promotion

Fiona’s five tips to help you win with The Breeze Dunedin ‘Shop Local’ promotion

Aaah! I am so excited at the idea of having one of our awesome clients being lucky enough to pick up a prize in the Shop Local! promotion on The Breeze over the next five weeks!

To help increase your chances of claiming the cash, I have come up with five tips that could increase your chances of winning if your business name gets drawn.

Remember that you can only win if you phone in within 2 minutes of the announcement. If you don’t hear it in time, you miss out and the prize jackpots for the next draw.

Full terms and conditions can be found here on The Breeze website.

Here are Fiona’s five tips:

Tip One: diary the time to tune inFiona Cole shops local in Dunedin

The draw takes place at 8:10AM each weekday for the duration of the promotion, so figure out where you are going to be at that time and be sure you tune in to the Breeze Dunedin on 98.2FM. When Damian Newell announces that day’s name you will have just 2 minutes to call in and claim your prize. Set your alarm/reminder for just after 8AM and keep your ears open.

Tip Two: use multiple platformsShop Local Dunedin - Fiona Cole BigWords

Whether you are at home, in your car or already at work, make sure you are able to listen. If you don’t have a radio to tune in on you can listen live from your computer. Or download the Rova app and listen on your smartphone so you don’t miss it. Wherever possible, have the radio on and listen for when the DJ starts talking about when a draw is imminent. When you hear it is coming up, try to free yourself from distraction. Delay driving or being somewhere noisy or with poor reception until the draw is made.

Fiona Cole BigWords Dunedin Shop Local

Tip Three: put together a team

We all have busy lives and the start of the day is often when things are the most hectic. It may not be possible for you to stay glued to the radio at that time of the morning, but you are bound to know enough people who can be listening when you can’t. Ask your kids, your cousin, your bestie, your workmates. Make sure they all have your number so they can text you or call to give you the hurry up in case you miss the announcement.

Tip Four: have the Breeze on speed dialFiona Cole BigWords Dunedin Shop Local

Enter the Breeze Dunedin phone number into your mobile contacts or write it down next to your phone so you have it ready to go should your name be drawn. This will save time and stop you missing out by a few seconds if you are close to the 2-minute cut off.

The number for the Breeze Dunedin is: 03 477 9898

Fiona Cole - BigWords Dunedin Shop Local

Tip Five: shop at other participating Dunedin businesses

BigWords is just one of many businesses involved in the Shop Local Promotion with The Breeze Dunedin. You can increase your chances of winning by entering every time you shop at a participating store, including the Meridian Mall and Wall St Mall, and over 30 individual businesses around town.

For a list of places you can shop and enter, visit The Breeze competition page.

Bonus tip for businesses: invite your customers to join in the fun

As a business owner yourself, why not take the opportunity to leverage your entry and let your own customers know you are in the draw, inviting them to listen out for you too. Getting them involved is a fun way to reach out to your network of contacts that is not about selling them anything. Maybe you could offer to put on a morning tea shout if you win, or put a mention in your next newsletter that you picked up a cash prize and received lots of texts from customers who heard your name. Follow up with a thank you at the end of the campaign regardless of results.

Fiona Cole is the owner and principal copywriter at BigWords.

Fiona enjoys coming up with new and interesting ways to help clients  to communicate with their audiences. If you are looking for some ‘outside-the-square thinking’ around how to engage your customers, then be sure to  drop us a line and book a free 1-1 consult.