5 ways professional web copy can help your ROI

5 ways professional web copy can help your ROI

There are plenty of very good reasons to use a Professional Copywriter for your website copy. Here are 5 that can help your ROI

Like many small to medium sized businesses who look for ways to save money setting up a new website, you are probably thinking of writing your own content. Whilst this is the most common way to reduce web design costs, you may in fact be costing yourself more money and missing out on future earnings too.

1.     Professional Webcopy helps your site’s Google ranking.


Don’t let the paperwork pile up – use a professional copy writer for your web copy.

Webcopy that is professionally written enhances your website’s findability by the search engines.  An experienced webcopy writer will identify and incorporate a set of key search phrases based on your target market that will help drive more relevant searches to your website.

2.   Professional copywriting improves your website’s conversion rate.  A professional copywriter applies their skills to create content that is both search engine friendly and visitor friendly. This will not only draw more of the right kind of traffic to your site – people genuinely searching for your business’ products or services – but will also deliver your business message with clear and compelling content that encourages greater, more significant engagement.

3.   Using a professional copywriter will save you time.  Whilst you might be prepared to try to write your own website copy, the time it takes could be better spent working in your business. Yes, you could do it yourself, but the time you spend on it is time away from working for your clients. Also you are more likely to take longer, do a less than perfect job, and keep putting it aside to attend to other more important tasks.  A professional copywriter will schedule your web copy to meet your deadline and has the right tools to do the work both efficiently and to a high standard.

4.   Using a professional copywriter will save you money.  Copywriters invariably charge less than web designers for their time.  You may think you are saving money by writing your own web copy, but in reality it will cost you more.  First, your web designer will need to spend time explaining to you what you need to write for your website.  Then, when you supply the text, they will need to spend time editing it and generally fixing it up to make it suitable for the web.  You will be charged for this time at web designer rates.  If a professional copywriter does the work, not only will they charge you less, the web designer will require far less time to load the professionally written content onto the site template, effectively reducing your web design costs.

5. Professional web copy improves your brand.  For the same reasons you don’t do your own signwriting, design your own logo, or make your own brochures, you really shouldn’t write your own web copy if you want to project a professional image.  A well designed website with professionally written content will send your target market a clear message about your business brand and level of professionalism. Not only that, a good copywriter will know how to write your website content so that it is aligned with your branding and your business message.

As owner and principal copywriter for BigWords, Fiona Cole has been writing professional web copy for business clients since 2007. To discuss your website content requirements contact Fiona here.