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At BigWords we are committed to saving the world from random acts of marketing – one business at a time!

You know what we’re talking about. The temptation to drop money on a one-off campaign or advertising deal that comes along. There is no plan, and most likely no connection to anything else your business is doing.

These random acts of marketing produce variable results at best, and you are often left wondering whether it was worth bothering with.

Market smarter with a BigWords content marketing consult

BigWords helps businesses like yours invest more strategically to get more visibility, leads and sales from your marketing. We do this by identifying what your business message is and how to put it across consistently across all your existing marketing platforms. 

  • Are your ads all one-off events?
  • Does your slogan change every time you run a promotion?
  • Do you feel like you are starting from zero with each campaign?

It’s time to get some consistency and momentum with your marketing that builds over time, starting with a simple strategy session. 


Dunedin Business Expo special: Get a $225 rebate on your first visibility campaign with BigWords when you book a free marketing consult

Step one: Start with a 1-hour consult to provide clarity and gain insights into what you are doing well and where you can do better. It’s a free service to help you get your head around what’s possible and where to go from here.

Step two: Get a written report and recommendations based on your 1-hour consult and some market research around your target market and industry.

Step three: Sign up for a 4-6 week visibility campaign using your existing online platforms and digital marketing channels for an upcoming event or promotion. Visibility campaigns* are priced at $585.00 + GST.

Step four: receive a $225 rebate to put towards additional services like copywriting or to redeem as a Prezzycard to spend at any supporting retail store.

*Note that any copywriting work needed for campaigns is a separate chargeable service and will be quoted as an optional add-on to your customised campaign package at BigWords’ preferential customer rates.

To be eligible for this offer, your 1-hour free consult must be booked between 1 August and 30 September 2022.

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