e-Newsletter and blog packages

Want more enquiries? BigWords blog and e-newsletter packages

Do you lack the time or the inspiration to create a regular e-newsletter or blog for your business? BigWords can help.

We offer a range of professional e-newsletter and blog writing services to fit your requirements. Let us ghost-write your online content and outbound communications to help you get your message out there, with targeted content that links back to your website. 

For sustained results, we recommend having a content marketing strategy in place. We can help you create one specifically for your business needs, with clear goals and key performance indicators to help you track the performance of your marketing spend. 

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E-Newsletter set up and ghost-writing packages

BigWords is experienced in the mailing platform Mail Chimp*. Mail Chimp is used by more than 10 million people and businesses around the world. It offers features and integrations which allow you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns, with detailed reports to help you keep improving over time.

*Mail Chimp has a Forever Free Plan, where businesses with 2,000 or fewer subscribers can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free. More about Mail Chimp’s features and pricing.

Mail Chimp Set-up: 

A professional e-newsletter template is created in MailChimp, using your business logo and brand colours. If you already have a Mail Chimp account, then you can opt for a template-only set-up. For new accounts, Mail Chimp set-up includes:

  • uploading your spreadsheet based database (the start of your mailing list)
  • up to two template designs to get you started, using your business branding
  • creating the required forms in Mail Chimp
  • a link code for adding to your website
  • a QR code for printed material (so people can subscribe to your mailing list).

Standard newsletter content:  

We will create professional Newsletter content** based on a pre-approved format and subject, within an agreed time frame. Data used in the content is supplied in advance by the client in digital format. You can either upload the content yourself into Mail Chimp (or other email marketing platform), or we can do it for you.

Campaign management: 

Short on time? BigWords can upload your e-newsletter content into Mail Chimp on your behalf. We will upload the approved content into your pre-designed template, and send you a test version for sign-off prior to launch. Once this is done the newsletter is scheduled to be sent at an agreed date and time, complete with tailored automatic social media shares if applicable.

**Content format will vary, depending on your business, but typically includes an introduction and/or focus topic, with a deal, event or other call to action.

Media links (set of three):  

Add weight to your e-newsletters with a set of industry/interest subject articles. These are trending articles sourced online. We create a set of bite-sized blurbs created for the newsletter with links to the original articles***.

***Reference to source article is a mandatory requirement for adherence to copyright standards.

Original blog article:

Looking for fresh, original online content? Let us ghost-write your blog, with regular articles on a subject relevant to your business / field of expertise. Our ghost-blogging service comes with metadata and a taster for your newsletter/social media platforms. Choose between content only or uploaded onto your website blog page with categories and tags, and social shares.

Source material must be supplied digitally. Access to website admin required for uploading to your site option. Length of blogs vary, typically starting at 300-350 words. Additional charges may apply for extensive research, fact checking and referencing.