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BigWords can help you get your business message out there with compelling content across all media platforms. Whether it’s in print or online, let BigWords help your customers keep you in mind.

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Choose from our range of packages and options for clients in BigWords’ three core services:

Website content updates for new and existing websites

Whether you are creating a new website or need fresh content for your existing site, BigWords can provide professionally written content that appeals to your target market and is optimised for the search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your Homepage

Know what your audience is looking for to get the right visitors to your website. Improve your search engine results with professional SEO content for your homepage. Includes keyword research, metadata and optimised page content.

Content marketing strategy support

Stop wasting money on random acts of marketing! Let BigWords help you decide what to focus your marketing spend on and how to attract and convert the right audience and grow your customer base.

SEO vs CRO – is your website working for or against you?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about understanding whether your website is doing its job properly, knowing how to identify the how and why of your visitor behaviour in order to change it and achieve better outcomes. 

SEO will bring more visitors to your website, but CRO is what will get more of those visitors across the line. When your website conversion rate is low, or you are losing potential customers as soon as they arrive at your site, you need to figure out why before you spend a single dollar more on SEO and online ad campaigns.

BigWords is launching a 12-week online programme in October 2019 on self-managing your CRO. Packed with useful guides and practical, easy to execute steps you can apply to your own website.

  • Measure performance in ways that are meaningful to your business
  • Assess your website’s conversion rate based on your goals
  • Discover new ways to improve how your site performs in bringing you more business
  • Plain English explanations on how to work with the search engines

Your website is the first point of contact for your business – you don’t want it to be the last.

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Press releases, marketing and ad copy and editorial services

All your marketing and advertising requires professional copy that delivers a clear and consistent message to your target market. Choose Bigwords next time you are considering using any of the following marketing materials:

  • Brochures, fliers and other printed literature
  • Press releases and advertorial
  • Informational pamphlets and white-papers
  • Team bios and online profiles
  • Directory listings and other business profiles (eg Chamber of Commerce)
  • Scripting for radio and video promotions

Business communications free 1-hour consultation

If you would like to know more about creating a professional periodical as part of your business communications, BigWords offers a free 1-hour consultation to help you understand the different options available and discuss what is a good fit for your business needs and customer base.

Ghost-blogging and e-newsletter packages

Why spend hours labouring over what to write for your next newsletter or blog? Let the experienced writers at BigWords manage your outbound marketing with a pre-planned, professional newsletter or blog feed that your customers will want to read.

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Outsource your outbound communications

BigWords is experienced in producing quality business communications from company magazines and periodicals to e-newsletters and blogs. Fiona Cole has worked on printed publications for clients like Firth and Golden Bay Cement and was part of the editorial team for Contractor and Wild Tomato magazines. She has also sourced and written content and project managed several periodical newsletters suitable for print and electronic distribution for small business clients.